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Art Antiques May 2020

After several years of researching his own artistic nature, after experiments with materials, with transparency as a spatial or conceptual problem, David Vojtuš returned, more experienced and bolder, to his starting points. To drawing style and its detail, in fact bravura, which suddenly made sense as part of a complex whole of material culture. His own artistic performance does not stand next to or above, but acknowledges to also be a part of it. Art practice does not deny the found or appropriated forms, but fulfills or complements them. And so there is a work ahead of us, the significance of which lies in its hybrid nature, which is visible at first glance, but without us being able to distinguish what is given from what is already or still added. And from what is missing. At the same time, we can relate to David Vojtuš’s works as a magical and critical discourse. Their aesthetics are both „trash“ and „de luxe“. It’s a „hobby“ and a „market“.
The retreat from the effort to conceptualize one’s own abilities and skills took David Vojtuš one step further. He replaced the answer „because“ with the question „how“. He now shapes himself and does not hesitate to use what offers itself. He can recycle because it suddenly makes sense.
Marek Pokorný, 2022

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